The Story of You: You and Your Soul



Oct. 09, 2022

The Story of You
You and Your Soul
 Genesis 1-3

1. You were created by God.

2. You were created to look like God.

3. You were created to be a spiritual being –with a soul.

 A. Your soul is the essence of who you are.

 B. Your soul is how/where you connect to God.

 C. Your soul is where your story plays out.

 D. Your story is how you match your soul to your purpose.

4. You have a responsibility for your soul.

5. You do damage to your soul any time you choose self over God.

6. God is all about restoring fractured souls.

7. Your story will only be as good as the condition of your soul.


storylines prompt:

When I pay attention to my soul this is what I see / this is what my soul needs…