Faith Mountain and KidzLIfe

Our elementary program is high-energy and character-focused. We offer fast-paced environments of singing, games, learning, and small group connections on Sundays, plus a KidzLife program that meets on Wednesday nights throughout the school year. Some of the strongest foundations of faith are laid in these formative years of a child’s life, and we are 100% committed to pointing kids in the right direction.

Faith Mountain - Sundays 11:00am 

Faith Mountain happens every Sunday morning and is an hour packed with excitement and instruction. Music, games, skits, activities, small groups are all a part of the adventure we plan for the kids to which they can relate and grow their faith. Faith Mountain takes place during the main worship service, and meets on the lower level of the building. Your kids can get started at the secured check-in station. Just look for “the bear”!

KidzLife  - Wednesdays 6:30pm - During School Year

Imagine your kids discovering how to talk to God and being excited about growing their relationship with Him. How would that affect your family? KidzLife points kids straight to the source of God’s words, both written and living. KidzLife will help your child experience the lasting transformation only God can bring. Every KidzLife night is filled with fun activities, games, stories, music and more! Because we think that church should be one of the best experiences in a kid’s life! Each kid is encouraged to commit one helpful Bible verse a week to memory. Because we believe that every kid needs a solid foundation to his faith. Every kid is given a take-home KidzLife Journal that is highly interactive using 3D, glow-in-the-dark, disappearing ink and caters to their unique age group (K-2nd) and (3rd-5th). It also features key scriptures to look up and read along with each week’s memory verse. Because we want kids to learn to take responsibility when it comes to spiritual growth!

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