Because we Care



Because we Care Volunteer Class

We are thankful for your interest in joining with the many children and youth volunteers of Waterford Community Church to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and show them His love. There is a process we have for individuals to join our volunteer team with children and youth.  

1. Let us know of your interest by filling out our connect card.  You can fill that out HERE

2. Watch the Because We Care Training video. Download the Training Manual HERE. Or request a printed one from the main Office. 

3. Fill out an application and turn into the main office. You can download that HERE. 

Training Video 

Application Process: 

  1. All leaders, teachers and helpers working with children will complete the “Application for Child and Youth Workers” form. Parents of teen volunteers need to sign “Parental Release” section at the end of the form prior to consideration. 
  2. The application will be submitted to the church office.
  3. A church representative will contact the references listed on the application, and a criminal records check will be performed. 
  4. The Senior Pastor, a member of the pastoral staff or an Elder designated for this purpose will review the documents to ascertain eligibility for service. The individual volunteer and the head of the departments will be advised of an individual’s approved status.
  5. The Senior Pastor, a member of the pastoral staff or designated Elder will maintain a list of approved adult workers.