I'm New



Be Our Guest

We invite you to join us for worship at 11:00am!  We're confident you'll find it a positive experience.  

At Waterford Community Church,

  • We like to try new things and keep things fresh
  • We're genuinely friendly
  • We love to connect with our friends - and add new ones
  • We enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate before service with friends
  • We enjoy modern worship music (and every so often pull out a song from the past)
  • We use our Bibles but talk in terms that are easy to understand
  • We also talk about things that connect with life today
  • We have free doughnuts on the way out 
  • We laugh
  • We listen
  • And we challenge each other to make a difference wherever God has happened to place us, be it in our families, our neighborhood, our work places and our community!  

So if any or all of this sounds good to you, please give us a visit Sunday morning or click "Let's Connect" and tell us about your interest.  

We'd love to met you!