The Story of You: You and your Choices



Nov. 06, 2022

The Story of You: You and Your Choices
 Genesis 13:1-13, 2 Peter 2:7,8


Lot and his choice(s):

1. To address the symptom and not the real issue.

2. To opt for the short term over the long game.

3. To pursue himself over all others.

4. To isolate from his spiritual mentor.

5. To let bad choices compound.

6. To become someone different from who he was.

You and your story:

1. Every choice has consequence.

2. Choices determine direction, but they also form character.

3. Good choices require the examination of objectives, options, and outcomes.

4. The “why’s” of a choice are more important than the “what’s.”

5. We are all prone to making poor choices.

6. The choices you make become the story you are writing.

storylines prompt:

Write about a decision you are facing—or have recently faced—but in third person about yourself.  Tease out the actual options and outcomes and follow the paths that unfold.