Seeking Solace



Feb. 03, 2019

Seeking Solace

Any soul can be injured and feel the resulting pain. God knows that, and He offers both healing and comfort.

John 11:17-35

So, how is it with your soul today?

 - We tend to look for ways to lessen the pain rather than pursue the path of healing.

Help for your wounded soul:

1. Dare to go there.

2. Allow yourself to hurt and grieve.

3. Invite God into your brokenness.

4. Lean into His comfort (Psalm 139).

 - God knows all about you.

 - God is with you.

 - God sees you in your darkness.

 - God has always had - and still has - a purpose for you.

 - God is constantly thinking about you.

5. Be willing to let it go enough to move forward.

6. Let others speak into your story.

 - Jesus can breathe new life into hopeless situations.