Plot Twists: How [God] Saved the Queen! The Conflict Unfolds



Mar. 12, 2023

The Conflict Unfolds

Esther 2:19-5:1

Plot Twists:

  1. The voiceless victim is asked to speak.
  2. The choiceless person is given agency.
  3. The diminished woman is needed to help.
  • If you have been wronged, God can still make things right.
  • If you have been silenced, you can still find your voice.
  • If you have been made to feel unimportant, hear that you matter to God.
  • If you have been confused, know that God has been and is at work.
  • If you have been thwarted, God can still give you opportunity.
  • If you have been delayed, remember some stories unfold slowly.
  • If you have been rendered powerless, look for a step to take.
  • If you have been hurt or harmed, find hope in God.

storylines prompt:
Recall and recount a time in your life where you felt marginalized, traumatized or even victimized.  How has it shaped you?  Is there any good that has come from it?  Lessons you have learned?  Experiences where you really sensed God’s presence or help?

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