Plot Twists: How [God] Saved the Queen! The Climax of the Story



Mar. 19, 2023

The Climax of the Story
 Esther 5-7

Plot Twists:

1. Haman is forced to honor the man he despises.

2. Haman is killed, Mordecai survives.

3. Haman is executed on the gallows he had constructed.

4. (spoiler alert) Haman is replaced by Mordecai.

Courage comes when:

1. You see the cause as bigger than you.

2. You understand that not doing something is more dangerous than doing something.

3. You are willing to live with the fallout.

4. You have taken steps to prepare spiritually.

5. You realize that this might be your moment.

6. You are convinced of God’s sovereignty.

7. You let hope guide your heart.

8. You take that first step.


storylines prompt:
Write about a time when you faced either fear or a situation that seemed scary / impossible.  Were you able to see God at work?  In what ways?  Or write about the parallels between a story you’ve experienced and Esther’s story.

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