Worship Service - Tale of the Trees



 November 27, 2022

 11:00 AM

 3900 Airport Road Waterford , MI 48329

The tales of the trees

We all know the stories of Christmas. Scrooge and Tiny Tim. Elf. Charlie Brown and his Christmas tree. Frosty. Grinch. The Night Before Christmas. And, of course, the Santa Claus (1,2, and 3).

More important are the stories of shepherds and angels; of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus; and of wise men coming from afar.

All of these are well-known stories. But this Christmas we want to look at some different Christmas stories - and each one of them is about a Christmas tree. Maybe you have heard these stories before - and maybe you haven't. But each week we'll hear a new story as a jumping off place to explore the real Christmas story!

We're getting started this Sunday, November 27! The auditorium is all decorated (with all new decorations). We'll be rolling out the Christmas tunes. And we'll be starting the celebration with the story of Maple and Willow's Christmas Tree - and talking about how we can navigate our relationships at Christmas!  You're not going to want to miss this!