Workday Carpet Cleaning



 May 14, 2022

 9:00 AM

 3900 Airport Road Waterford , MI 48329

It’s time to clean the carpets!  We need people to both Vacuum and Run Carpet Cleaners!  If you can vacuum your help is needed at 9:00am. Before the carpets can be cleaned on Saturday they need to be vacuumed. If you’re available at 9 or 10am on Saturday for an hour or two and would like to give back to WCC by vacuuming, your help would surely be appreciated! Just show up and ask for a vacuum or bring your own if you want. If others can vacuum, then the guys can get started sooner on the more difficult job of cleaning the carpets.

If you can join us, please sign-up and let us know you are coming! We will begin at 9:00am

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