Be our guest!

We invite you to give us a visit at 11:00am; we're confident you'll find it a positive experience.  We have tons going on for you and your family.:

  •  We like to try new things and keep things fresh
  • We're genuinely friendly
  • We love to connect with our friends - and add new ones
  • We have free doughnuts on the way out
  • We enjoy modern worship music (and every so often pull out a song from the past)
  • We use our Bibles.  But we talk in terms that are easy to understand
  • We also talk about things that connect with life today
  • We laugh
  • We listen
  • And we challenge each other to make a difference wherever God has happened to place us, be it in our families, our neighborhood, our work places and our community!  

So if any or all of that sounds good to you, please give us a visit.  We'd love to met you! 

Planning your visit

Where should I park?

Please use the main lot on the west side of the building, just off Airport Road.  The main doors are located immediately off that parking lot.  

Where should I go when I enter the building?

Hosts will be waiting at the doors to help you get situated.  They can point you in the right direction whether you are looking the auditorium, info center or even the restrooms.  And if you would like your kids to experience our programs, your door host will walk you to the appropriate place for secure sign-in.

What can I expect for my kids?

We want to assure you that all of our kids' volunteers are carefully screened and trained to meet safety and security protocols.  Our classes are designed to be age-appropriate, high-energy, spiritually-focused experiences that your kids will love.  We believe that kids learn best by doing and interacting, so each of our programs utilizes a small group component.

Can I keep my kids with me?

Absolutely.  Occasionally a parent needs to step out with their child, but normally kids are not a distraction.

What is the service like?

We like to keep things simple and straightforward, and really concentrate on what matters most.  We take some time to sing modern Christian music - feel free to listen in or join us if you would like.  We usually share a few announcements, then spend time talking about God's Word and how it connects to life today.  The entire service typically lasts about 65 minutes.

What Should I wear?

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Most people dress casually.  

Is the building handicapped accessible?

Yes.  There is an exterior ramp availble at the south door which can be accessed through our main parking lot.  We also have an elevator that can be used to help people navigate to various levels within the building.