Waterford Community Church | Mission and Values
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Mission and Values

Our Mission

  • Connecting People to God

  • Connecting People to Others

  • Connecting People to Their Mission

Our Values

Grace & Truth

Every person who visits or attends WCC is welcome, regardless.  We want you to experience the warmth of grace.  But we also want each person to experience truth, and the freedom that comes with it, so we put a huge emphasis on the Bible and what it has to say about life today.

Lost and Found

WCC is about helping people in their faith, but also helping people who don’t have faith.  You can walk into one of our services as an outsider, but not feel like one.  We speak in a way that everyone can understand faith no matter where they happen to be in the journey.

Come and Go

We think it’s important to gather as a church, but we think it is just as important to go as a church.  Some of the best things that happen at WCC don’t happen within the walls of the church but out in the community.

In and Through

We want everyone to know what it is like to be changed by God.  That’s when he works in us.  But we also want everyone to feel like they have a part in changing the world.  That’s when God works through us.  So we want you to grow in your faith, and we want you to grow in your impact.

Old and New

WCC has been around for a long time, and we honor its past – but we also are committed to trying new things, doing church in new ways, being innovative and creative.  God is a God of new things; we want to experience that as well.

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