Waterford Community Church | First Visit
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First Visit

Greeted at the Door

Our Sunday service starts even before you walk in the door. You'll be greeted by someone who is passionate about Waterford CC and can answer any questions you may have.

Connect in the Cafe

We have lots of coffee, teas, and other beverages to keep your morning going. Chat with others in the cafe before heading to the auditorium.

Check-In Your Children

There are high quality children's programs for all ages. Check your younger children into Faith Safari while Faith Mountain is for kids up to 5th grade.

Modern Worship Music

Our music is modern and Christ-centered. You might hear some you recognize, and you might learn a new one, too.

Relevant Sermons

Very few people are theologians, so we do our best to breakdown the hard-to-understand concepts into something you can apply to your life.

Casual Atmosphere

Come as you are! If you are comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, you are welcome at Waterford CC. If you prefer a three-piece suit, we've got a place for you, too!

Leave Feeling Encouraged

We have an obsession with experiencing the presence of God. For the hour you spend with us, you will be encouraged and challenged. Our pastors and elders are always eager to hear your story.

Get Connected

Stick around after the service to find out how you can get connected in one of our small groups or life classes. If you want, leave your contact info to stay updated on upcoming events.

Feels Like Home

We think Waterford CC is an easy place to feel at home, and easy to come back to. Come and see Sunday @ 11am, and don't forget to take a doughnut on the way out.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule


9:45am – Life Classes

11:00am – Sunday Service



6:30am – AWANA