Waterford Community Church | Vision
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The Story


Almost 150 years ago a few people decided the town of Waterford needed a church–so they built one. The building they erected still stands today, and so does the church they founded. Waterford Community Church was started to share the good news of Jesus with the community, a goal it continues to pursue! Countless people have come through the doors of WCC, and countless people have experienced the life-transforming message of Jesus Christ. Our prayers is more people will be impacted as WCC continues to lead the way.

The Vision


With the 150th anniversary of the church a couple of years away, we want to challenge us all with the idea of intentionally adding to the church–150 new people (or more!). Using the very first church in Acts as our model, we are committing to intentionally increasing our efforts to impact our community!

We want to invite you to join us in the journey. On this page, we’ll share both our heart and strategy. We hope you’ll be encouraged to make our vision a reality!

Learn more about our mission and values
150 X 150 Vision

Come Together

``All the believers were in one heart and mind.`` Acts 4:32

If there was a word that marked the early church, it would be ``togetherness``. They met together, ate together, prayed together, and became a powerful movement of God--together! So we want to invite you to come together IN PERSON! Coming to church matter, so we make it a priority. We come to get refueled to live out our faith, but we also come to encourage others who are on the journey with us. We're challenging you to be intentional and attend Sunday services, discovery class, and prayer meetings. IN PURPOSE! We want to unite around our purpose by passionately helping people connect to God, to others, and to their missions; we also invite you to join us in reaching our vision of 150 X 150.

Grow Together

``They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.`` Acts 2:42

When Jesus invites us to follow Him, He offers to change and transform us. But that doesn't happen all at once, it's a continual process that involves effort and obedience on our part. Our desire at WCC is to provide you the means and the tools needed to grow in your faith, and that you will commit to making growth a key value in your life. Explore our growth opportunities like Life Groups, Small Groups, Discipleship Mentoring, and Personal Growth Tools.

Serve Together

``Brothers, choose seven men from among you who are known to be full of the Spirit and of wisdom. We will give this responsibility to them.`` Acts 6:3

The Church is at its best when its people are committed to serving one another. As God works in us, He equips us, energizes us, and enables us to help those around us. It's one of the ways we get to partner with Him. While we all come to church with needs, we also come to church with the abilities, resources, experiences, and passion to meet the needs of others. So we want to encourage you to team up and be a part of a volunteer ministry. It's how the Church moves forward, but it's also another way that you can and will grow!

Go Together

``But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses...to the ends of the earth.`` Acts 1:8

We can come together, grow together, and serve together but if we are going to reach our goal of 150 X 150, we must go together. We must take the good news of Jesus to our community. So to do that we will be doing several things: building an outreach team, continue to offer services and events worth inviting your friends to, and sponsor projects designed to impact our community. We also want to invite you to take steps to share your faith and we want to partner with you in your efforts. Let's build friendships with others in the community, invite them to WCC, learn how to share the story of our faith, and engage in conversations wherever you can!