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Update from Ukraine

Pastor Brent spent some time with Don Parsons on the phone yesterday, March 1, checking in with him in regards to the situation in Ukraine.  For those of you who may not know, Don is a mission partner of WCC who started a church in Kyiv, Ukraine many years ago, and continues to serve in that area of Europe.  These are just a couple of items of information from our conversation worth passing on.

1. The evangelical church is growing more rapidly in Ukraine than in any other part of Europe. And it is doing a great job of discipling and training Christian leaders. This would appear to be literal spiritual warfare. There are many of our brothers and sisters in Christ caught in the middle of this war.

2. Currently, about 30 people are taking shelter in the church building where Don served, about half of whom are children. At night they are sleeping in the basement on dirt floors. Don has been in constant contact with the pastor. We need to pray for their safety.

3. The agency that Don works for, Mission Eurasia, is made up primarily of Ukranian leaders (vs. American missionaries). Most of them took their wives and children to the border, and have returned to do what they can to help with the crisis, including things like passing out food to those standing in the long lines at stores.

4. The most important thing that we can do is pray.  And should God direct, you can give financially through the Missions Eurasia website.  Mission Eurasia is committed to helping with the refugee crisis we see unfolding.  While we may not feel like we can do much to help, we can do something.   The body is hurting and we must do what we can to help!

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At the close of the service on Sunday we played a video taken by a Ukranian family and shared to twitter. You can watch it here.

And you can also listen to that song sung in English here.