Worship Service - One last dark and stormy night...



 May 28, 2023

 11:00 AM

 3900 Airport Road Waterford , MI 48329

one last dark and stormy night


On Sunday we added bitterness to the list of emotions that often bring darkness and storms to our soul.  We primarily talked about the bitterness we feel when we are wronged by others, but we can also be harmed by life - and feel bitterness in that way as well.  Bitterness, however, never makes a situation better, in fact, it really doesn't even address the problem.  It simply creates a new one.

The answer for bitterness is to live up to and in the grace that God has given us.
As He has forgiven us and as He has given us good for our evil, so are we to share that grace received with others. And how do we do that? We lean into that same grace and ask God for his help. He can help us do what seems impossible to do on our own - forgive and move on.

This Sunday we conclude our series with a look at the emotion of restlessness - that feeling inside of us that makes us feel antsy or agitated, and definitely uncomfortable and unsettled. We will also be celebrating communion which was postponed last Sunday.

(We'll be starting a new series in June as part of our Storylines theme called "Poets' Corner.")